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9 juillet 2013

ω/ T scaling of the optical conductivity in strongly correlated layered cobalt oxide

We report infrared spectroscopic properties of the strongly correlated layered cobalt oxide [BiBa0.66 K0.36 O2 ]CoO2 . These measurements, performed on single crystals, allow us to determine the optical conductivity as a function of the temperature. In addition to a large temperature-dependent transfer of spectral weight, an unconventional low-energy mode is found. We show that both its frequency and its damping scale as the temperature itself. In fact, a basic analysis demonstrates that this mode fully scales onto a function of ω/T up to room temperature. This behavior suggests low-energy excitations of non-Fermi liquid type originating from quantum criticality.

Auteurs : P. Limelette, V. Ta Phuoc, F. Gervais et R. Frésard

Phys. Rev. B. 87, 035102 (2013)