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Compte rendu ENERMAT

22 avril 2011

" After the resounding success of Liverpool last November, a 2-day meeting based on thermoelectrics took place in Caen on March 24th and 25th. Over 70 people from ENERMAT consortium, CRISMAT staff and partners attended the training.

Dr. Jeffrey Snyder from Caltech Laboratory in California opened the event with a presentation on “Complex Thermoelectric Materials”. Also, several conferences on oxides and intermetallic, thermoelectric devices, SPS and ZEM3 functioning have been given by CRISMAT research staff in order to present their activities to partners and other labs.

Some visits of the CRISMAT and CNRT equipments gave participants the opportunity to get to know skills and equipements in Caen, stimulating discussions around new possible collaborations.

In fact, cross-disciplinary research is a key activity of the project and its management trough specific meetings that will bring together all stakeholders (private and public) will be an increasingly important for the success of the material for energy issue.

Several trainings will be organized all along the life of the project, depending on partners’ expertise and skills. The next one on superconductivity will be held in Santiago de Compostela next June.



ENERMAT Special thanks to :

Presentations and visits :

Dr. Jeffrey Snyder, Dr. Franck Gascoin, Dr. Emmanuel Guilmeau, Dr. Sylvie Hébert, Dr. Antoine Maignan, Prof. Christophe Goupil, Dr. Cédric De Vaulx, Dr. Valérie Pralong, Dr. Wilfrid Prellier, Prof. Bernard Mercey, Dr. Denis Pelloquin.



Organization and logistics :

 Julien Georges, Sarah Delaitre, Caroline Joubert, Aurélie Michot, Elodie Lelaidier, Simon Quetel-Weben, Etienne Savary, Stéphanie Lecas, David Blond, Jiang Zhu, Julien Poughon, Jérôme Bazin, Pierre Antoine Dubos.